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About Mr. Troy


Hello there! I'm Mr. Troy, and I teach music and movement to young children at The New School in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Everyday I sing songs and play action games with one- to six-year-olds in our Early Childhood Division. In 2022 I self-published The Farmer & the Bunnies, a children’s picture book based on an original story-song I created with my students as a musical game of tag with rabbits and vegetables. I wrote and illustrated The Farmer & the Bunnies telling the tale of a hardworking jackrabbit farmer who counts his lucky stars and takes time out of his day to play with the bunnies he loves so much. I’m currently working on other song books about the Farmer and his shenanigans while developing new characters for the games I play and the songs I sing with my kids at school.

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